Pest Control  Wilson

Pest Control Wilson

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Wilson is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Canning on the north bank of the Canning River. It is a fairly old suburb with parks and close proximity to prominent shopping centres in South Perth. It is favoured by Curtin University students, the reason being its convenient access to the university. Bus number 72 & 75 go through this suburb. The suburb contains Castledare, Kent Street Weir, Canning River and Lo Quay River Cafe.

Pest Control Wilson

Back in the days the pest problem at any house was considered a huge challenge that it forced people to relocate themselves to another house. But thanks to Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson for coming up with their excellent environment friendly pest control treatments which are safe for your children and pets as well. We have a wide range of services like Termite pest control, moth infestations treatment, possum removal and other fumigation services at very nominal rates.

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What is the process of the Pest Control?

Our Pest Control Process at Eco-friendly Pest Control is divided into three major categories:

Pest Inspection

For a pest inspection, a booking should be made through an email or a phone call. Once the booking is generated, a team of professional experts would come down to your door step which is either a residential or commercial property and have a detailed pest inspection. Th inspection that takes place is very detailed and the kind of pest is determined. As per the analysis, the respective tools, sprays and team are gathered together to start with the pest control services and treatments.

Treatment and Extermination

After having a through pest inspection at the site, the team proceeds to the next step which involves procedures and methods to eliminate and eradicate these pests and insects. The team makes sure to reach out to every tiny place of the house or office space in order to uproot and wipe out these pesky insects and bugs.

Post-Inspection on Revisits

Once the treatment is done, a re-examination of the entire site is thoroughly done to be sure that the place is insect free and the surrounding and safe, hygienic and suitable to live in. we believe in customer satisfaction and hence do not compromise with our treatments.

Best Pest Control  Wilson

Best Pest Control Wilson

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Various pest control packages

Residential pest control Wilson

It is a dream for every household owner to have a residence that is clean, tidy, and hygienic and most importantly insects free. If there are any kinds of pests available in any households, it causes havoc in the person’s life as his belongings, valuables and wood -based furnishings and fixtures can be damaged or lost to these tiny pests. The daily activities in the house are majorly impacted plus, it creates hazardous circumstances especially for children, pets and older people at home. Appointing Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson has a wide range of pest control and treatments to offer by our team which is highly qualified and well equipped with the most advanced tools and measures.

Commercial pest control Wilson

The safety standards should never be compromised. Pests like roaches, rodents, fleas, moths, wasps and possums make it very challenging for the employees to work in ease and peaceful environment. Unless, pests are removed and eradicated from the commercial establishment, the employees tend to fall sick very often. Eco-friendly Pest Control, Wilson offers a Commercial Pest Control package to take care of all office related pest control problems. With just once call or an email, our team would arrive at your door step and be available to solve your problems with the latest and the best treatments available. As the package is for commercial establishments, our services are provided in restaurants, parlours, clinics, hospitals, schools, banks, shopping malls, super markets and other commercial areas.

Pest Control Wilson

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Specialist

Pest Control Specialist

But does it have actual benefits?

Yes, it for sure does have a lot of benefits. The services offered by Eco-friendly Pest Control, Wilson is a perfect solution to your problems with insect infestations as we are reliable and trust worthy in our services. Our treatments catered are environment friendly as our product and methods are chemical free and non-toxic. They do not cause any harm to your children and pets as well. There is no alternative and easy way to wipe out and remove these bugs and insects other than using professional methods. Our dedicated team consists of professionals and specialists that have experience in the field of pest control services and treatments

  • The team of professionals, from our company are aware of all the possible hide outs of each and every kind of insects and pests.
  • The team has latest tools and techniques to solve your problems efficiently.
  • Team consists of professionals with expertise in the field of pest and pest control services and the treatments that are advanced and provide result-oriented services.

University pest control Wilson

Eco-friendly pest control in Wilson provides University pest control services that offers a single package for pest treatments for house of office premises. Whether it is an office establishment or a house, these pest control services and treatments cater to all the suitable requirements and measures required to wipe those dreadful insects out. If not addressed at the right time, they can result in a health hazard to the people and animals living in and around the location.

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For all your pest related problems and queries, Eco-friendly Pest Control Services in Wilson is the place to go. We have a team with competent specialists and experts who offer expertise and solutions to all pest problems considering the type of pests and the intensity of the problem at nominal rates. We provide pest control treatments and solutions across Wilson with same day booking and same day service. Eco-friendly Pest Control promotes environment friendly treatments and pest control services that are advanced in technology and latest tools and equipment. By hiring us, be re assured to have a pest free home and office. Our team can be reached by a single phone call or by an email with your specified services and queries. We will look into it and give you the best available solutions to your problems.

Pest Control Wilson

Pest Control Service


Our expert uses the most effective strategy and tools for pest removal and treatment benefits across Wilson on the same day. The services we offer include.

Ant Control  Wilson

Ant Control Wilson

Ant Pest control Wilson

In Wilson, people are very familiar with ant infestations and the challenges they face with them. Usually people tackle this situation with the temporary solutions like insect sprays which are available at the local stores. These products give temporary relief to the infestation but fail to provide a permanent solution. As a result, these ants slowly grow large in number and spread across the premises. These pests not only become a reason to panic but they also outspread a lot of infections and diseases. An ant pest control is required in order to exterminate these pests. We, at Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson use gel and water-based products for the Ant Treatment Wilson as they are environment friendly and also do not cause any harm to your kids and pets.

Bed Bug Pest Control Wilson

Typically found in bed holes, wall cracks and mattresses, bed bugs are the nastiest creatures in the world of pests. Though they appear to be small in size, these little creatures feed and on human blood for their survival. Once bitten by these insects, be certain of the bite marks and itchiness on the skin. They usually attack the arms, back and shoulders of a person. These bites are not only painful but also a sign for immediate help. Eco-friendly Pest Control presents to you the Bed Bug treatment Wilson which helps you have a pest free environment. Our water-based products that are used in the Bed bug treatment are chemical free and have proven to be harmless to the environment.

Bed Bug Control  Wilson

Bed Bug Control Wilson

Bee Control  Wilson

Bee Control Wilson

Bee Pest Control Wilson

The “do it yourself” option should never be considered when you come across bee hives. Bees are small winged insects whose stings are very hurting and dangerous. These pests build bee hives in which they reside and these hives hold hundreds of bees in it. The hives are generally found on walls and removing and relocating them can be very tricky. We at Eco-friendly Pest Control provide have a strategic approach towards removal of the bee hive and bee nest removal Wilson. Apart from providing an effective bee pest control treatment, we offer post site inspection as well. The bee nest removal is conducted by using powder based and water-based products. These products are natural and non-toxic and can be used for an effective extermination.

Birds Pest Control Wilson

Regardless of how pretty these creatures are, they can create huge chaos and invite unnecessary problems if they happen to invade your premises. Habitually, these birds build nests for them and their little ones live in them. These nests are usually found in balconies and on roof edges at commercial establishments. Found in either of these places, nesting birds can be very problematic as one cannot easily get rid of them. Bird droppings is another issue as it creates an unhygienic and unpleasant surrounding. Spread of harmful infections can be a result of these bird dropping. Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson possess trained and skilful specialists who use guarded measures to help out in this mess. Nets and steel spikes are commonly used to capture these birds and shift them to a safe location. So, contact us today for the best bird proofing Wilson.

Birds Control  Wilson

Birds Control Wilson

Bird Mite Control  Wilson

Bird Mite Control Wilson

Bird Mite Pest Control Wilson

Bird mites are tiny insects that are found in birds and bird nests. These pest feed on birds and later enter the bird nests where they flourish their families. These pets slowly grow and multiply. They also tend to bite human beings which can result in lot of pain and irritation to humans. These bites need to be treated immediately. Bird Mite Pest Control is required to reduce such encounters with these pesky pests. The Bird Mites Treatment Wilson by Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson uses effective powder-based products to provide the bird lice treatment Wilson. These powder-based products contain no toxics and are safe to use. Also, the environment is not affected with these treatments.

Cockroach Pest control Wilson

Cockroaches are found in both residential and commercial spaces. These creatures are despised by everyone. These eight-legged creatures are found almost in every household and office spaces. Presence of these pests can cause in havoc in your everyday activities. Not only people fear by the sight of them but these roaches are also known to spread harmful diseases, infections, flu and fever from one place to another. Cockroaches dwell in places that are dark and dirty. They also get attracted to messy kitchens, left-over food on dishes, garbage cans etc. Cockroach infestations shouldn’t be ignored and require immediate attention and cockroach pest control. Eco-Friendly Pest Control Wilson provides Cockroach treatment Wilson to eliminate the presence of these insects from your kitchen area, garden or commercial spaces. The products used for the Cockroach Pest Control Wilson are gel and water based which are known to be safe for your kids and the environment. The treatment offered by us are not only result-oriented but also pocket friendly.

Cockroach Control  Wilson

Cockroach Control Wilson

Fleas Control  Wilson

Fleas Control Wilson

Fleas control Wilson

Fleas are pests that can turn out to be the worst enemy for your pets. These are tiny insects that get attached to the skin of your pets. Your dogs and cats usually encounter these fleas when you take them out for a walk. If you observe that your pets have been irritated and found themselves almost all the time, there is a high possibility of fleas on the skin and fur. The bites of these pests can be painful and leave the skin very irritated that result in rashes. Our team at Eco-friendly Pest control is equipped with the latest flea treatments and fly spray Wilson for your pests. These treatments are water based and completely safe for your pests.

Flies Pest Control Wilson

The word ‘trouble’ goes hand in hand when you talk about flies. These fleas are can generally be seen in households, office premises and public locations. Once they enter your space, they often spread themselves quickly and make the place filthy and unsuitable for anyone to live. They are known to carry contagious diseases like cholera, typhoid and tuberculosis. The diseases spread by the pests are not only contagious but also very dangerous and can claim someone life. For the eradication of these annoying insects, Eco-friendly Pest Control offers Flies Pest Control services Wilson. Water based products are used in the Fly spray Wilson which are chemical free and are have satisfactory results. So, do contact us for prompt services as we are just a call away. You can also reach out to just through email with your queries and concerns and our team will reach out to you on the same day.

Flies Control  Wilson

Flies Control Wilson

End of Lease Flea Control  Wilson

End of Lease Flea Control Wilson

End of Lease Flea Pest Control Wilson

Is your establishment on lease or planning to get one on a lease? If yes, then you should definitely consider Vacate pest Control, Wilson. This package offers you effective pest control services to make your establishment safe, hygienic and completely free from unwanted pests. We have experts who can identity all kinds of pests and provide best solutions to eliminate them. End of Lease Pest Control, Wilson also extends services like Vacate Pest Control Wilson. Our specialists use the latest technologies in the treatments they provide. Also, these services can be availed at nominal prices.

Moth Pest Control Wilson

An encounter with a moth can be displeasing. But facing them in large number and that too frequently or daily basis can be really maddening. They not only give trouble to human beings but also cause inconvenience to your pets. They even tend you destroy your belonging and valuables. Moths are found in places like cupboards, wardrobes and beneath the beds. These pests are capable of transferring infections and different kinds of allergies among people and pets as they travel from one place to another. Expelling these pests from your premises is not easy. This calls for some professional assistance and we at Eco-friendly Pest Control in Wilson help you get rid of them using our Moth Control Wilson. These treatments include glue traps and also insect sprays that are water based and are completely harmless to the environment. Do give us a call for a complete inspection for your premises and also solutions to keep these pesky moths at bay.

Moth Control  Wilson

Moth Control Wilson

Mosquitoes Control  Wilson

Mosquitoes Control Wilson

Mosquitoes Pest Control Wilson

Mosquitoes are small winged pests that we come across very often. These creatures multiply very quickly and spread over the premises. They breed n stagnant water and messy places. These pests move around all the time and come in contact with many human beings, animals and filthy places. Due to this, they tend to carry a lot of germs and viruses which results in spreading a lot of diseases. These diseases include some of the dreadful diseases like malaria and dengue. They survive on human and their blood to live and these insects drink up a lot of blood that what you can imagine. They have a thin part of the mouth through which they drink up the blood of humans and pets. Effective and strategic measures are taken by Mosquitoes Pest Control in Wilson to stop mosquito breeding and infestations. The fumigation and mosquito insect sprays work directly on the mosquitoes and does not harm the environment. Also, is it safe for the people that use these Mosquitoes spray Wilson.

Rat Pest Control Wilson

Rats are creatures that are known to create nuisance where ever they present. They can be found at both home and office locations. These rats can infest your house or commercial space. If you happen to spot even one rat, this problem needs to be addressed by taking a quick action because the diseases spread by these notorious rats are very dangerous. At home, they are usually found on roofs, attics and also gardens. In the 19th century, the very famous and most dreadful Plague was a result of rat infestations. It led to such a huge pandemic as this issue was not resolved at the earlier stages. If left untreated, these pets can cause a huge damage monetarily as well as health wise to both humanity and the things around them. Our Rat removal Wilson offered by Eco-Friendly Pest Control Wilson uses products like rat baits, glue traps and boxes to wipe these pests out. These Rat Treatments are available at affordable rates and these measures are taken cautiously without harming anyone and anything.

Rat Pest Control  Wilson

Rat Pest Control Wilson

Rodent Treatment  Wilson

Rodent Treatment Wilson

Rodent Treatment Wilson

Dealing with Rodents can be a really tough challenge. These rodents are very famous when it comes to destroying and damaging the entire premises. Having rodents in your residential or commercial spaces leads to destruction of your furniture, books, clothes, cables wires of electronic devices. They also make the food contaminated and consuming it can cause food poisoning and other health complications. These pests bite children and pets and create a very unsafe and precarious place to live in. Please contact Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson for our Rodent Treatment Wilson. Once you opt for our Rodent Pest Control Wilson be rest assured to have your premises rodent free.

Mouse Pest Control Wilson

Eco-friendly Pest Control is known for commendable Mice Pest Control services Wilson. Our Mice Removal Wilson and pest control treatments have proven to be of great help to people who were facing an issue with mice infestations. Even if you spot a single mouse, it can be assured that there are many in number that are hidden. These pesky creatures indulge in torment activities that includes destroying furniture and flooring of your house. Your valuables and belongings can no longer be safe with the presence of these mice. They need to be removed immediately. Our experts and skilled and trained for such situations and are very well aware of the hiding places. You can connect with us and we can provide a same day booking and inspection as well.

Mouse Control  Wilson

Mouse Control Wilson

Spider Control  Wilson

Spider Control Wilson

Spider Control Wilson

Spiders are pests that are of various kinds. Spiders are either extremely dangerous or absolutely harmless. The spiders that we commonly see are of no danger. These scary creatures are known for their webbing and networking. These pests and their made webs can be found in bathrooms, vents, wall cracks and ceilings. In Australia, Cellar and Wolf are two types of non-harmful spiders that can be commonly witnessed in your day to day life. Black Widow along with Brown Recluse are the two types of spiders that can be rarely witnessed by are extremely dangerous. These pests feed on mosquitos and moths and don not attack the human beings. But the webs built by the spiders can be dangerous to humans. To effectively remove these spiders and their webs, you can always contact Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson for our Spider Pest Control Wilson. There are a lot of spider spray Wilson available at the local stores that provide a solution to spider infestations but the drawback is that they provide only temporary solutions. To have a spider free home and office, do give a call for all your spider related issues.

Silverfish Pest control Wilson

Silverfish are small insects that are mostly found in places that are dark and do not have any sun light. These pests reside and grow in the dark and make it very difficult for a naked human eye to spot them. These silverfish are usually found in kitchen cabinets, bathroom closets, cupboards, books, wardrobes and basement. They might no cause ant harm to human beings or your cats and dogs but they decay and destroy your valuables and belongings. They slowly grow and eat away the piece of furniture or any belonging on which it dwells. Putting a blind eye to this problem is not an option as it would only lead to further damage. To eradicate this problem, Silverfish Treatment Wilson can be of use. Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson provides the most affordable and constructive Silverfish Pest Control services.

Silverfish Control  Wilson

Silverfish Control Wilson

Termite Control  Wilson

Termite Control Wilson

Termite Treatment Wilson

Does the thought of termites at your house or office worry you? Well, don’t worry! Eco-friendly Pest control Wilson has a solution to your problem. These pests are known to feed on wood and can destroy all your wooden furnishings and fixtures at your house or office. While feeding and dwelling on wood, these termites tend to release nitrogen gas. This nitrogen gas if produced in large quantity can be of great danger to human beings as they inhale this poisonous nitrogen gas. If you observe that there are heaps of wood dust around your wood-based furniture or belongings, the presence of termites can be confirmed. To prevent such problems, we provide protection against termites with out Termite Control Wilson. Also, for existing termite problem we offer Termite Treatment, Wilson and the products used are water based and harmless to the environment.

White Ant Treatment Wilson

White Ants are nothing but Termites. These minute creatures are known to cause a lot of inconvenience. Back in time, people moved house due to the terror of these little monsters. White ants love wood and so they live on them and also feed on them for their existence. These ants do not bite or cause any problem to human beings and pets directly but have the potential to ruin all their possessions at home and commercial spaces. If not handled at the right time, they can cause major damages to your furnishings and fittings that are wood based which further results in monetary loss. White Ant Control Wilson is necessary for problems like these. Eco-friendly Pest Control gives you the best White Ant Pest Control which is safe for you and your children.

White Ant Control  Wilson

White Ant Control Wilson

Ticks Control  Wilson

Ticks Control Wilson

Ticks Pest control Wilson

These bugs are so small in size that can go unnoticed by the naked eye. These bugs suck on the blood of animals for their survival. These ticks hid in between the fur of the animal. A regular haircut for your pets is advisable as it not only eliminates grooming concerns but also helps us to know the presence of any ticks if any. Only a pest controller or an expert would be able to discover the presence of these maniacs. If you see that your pest is irritated or annoyed and see them scratching, firstly take them to a professional for a haircut and they check for ticks. In case of ticks, we Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson are available at your pet’s service to make them tick free. Our products used for Tick spray Wilson and Trick treatments are water based and also included powdered sprays for effective treatment. We assure you that these products are not only safe for your pets but also the environment.

Wasp Nest Remvoal Wilson

Wasps are small winged creatures that are found at the corner of window frames, out side your house, a small bush or in tree. These creatures are very violent and to deal with them calls for danger. These insects are known to sting human beings. Wasp stings are extremely painful and require immediate medical help. If your house or office has a place which is moist, you can expect a wasp infestation soon. These wasps reside in places where there is no ventilation. Eco-friendly Pest Control, Wilson has a dedicated team of experts that not only offer Wasp Removals but also provide site inspections for the purpose of providing the best available and suitable solution. Apart for that, we also provide preventive tips and measures for your family against these wasps as these creatures multiply quickly. Do give is a call for all Wasp Removal Wilson. We also provide same day booking as well as treatments for your pest related issues.

Wasp Nest Remvoal  Wilson

Wasp Nest Remvoal Wilson

Commercial  Wilson

Commercial Wilson

Commercial Pest control Wilson

Along with residential pest control services, we at Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson also offer Commercial Pest Control services for all your office and commercial establishments. These commercial establishments include places like restaurants, hospitals, clinics, schools, salons, shopping malls, grocery stores and a few other places. Having pests like moths, termites, roaches, rodents, flies and mites can cause a havoc in the lives of your employees. An employee safe and secure office space is vital for every employer to provide. Our commercial pest control services are environment friendly as well as safe for your employees, when compares to other commercial pest control companies Wilson.

Termite Inspection Wilson

Eco-friendly Pest Control in Wilson offers termite inspection facility at your house of work location. Our team is experienced and skilled to detect the termites and propose the best available solution to stop and eliminate the problem. These termites, widely known as white ants are known to destruct and damage wood-based furniture and flooring. These ants eat away the wood in these furnishings and weaken the structure of the furnishing. A thorough inspection is required whenever you sense the presence of termites. The White Ant Inspection Wilson provides you a detailed report of the termite problem in your location. After the analysis, we use the best tools and techniques to fix your problem at nominal charges.

Termite Inspection  Wilson

Termite Inspection Wilson

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection  Wilson

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Wilson

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Wilson

Eco-friendly Pest Control’s pre purchase termite inspection service is one of the most popular services availed by the people of Wilson. If you have recently purchased a house or work space do get a Pre purchase Timber pest Inspection Wilson as this help you prevent potential infestations of various pests in your premises. Our team provides detailed information regarding the different kinds of pests that can invade your location and the damage they can cause. Our Pre purchase Termite Inspection is provided to you at a very economical charge. Apart for that, we disclose to you a lot of tips and measures to prevent these annoying pests invade your property.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Wilson

A pre-construction termite inspection, Wilson is a highly recommended when purchasing a new house or a commercial space. This inspection provides us with all necessary information one need to know about pests and how they can be prevents from entering your location. The pre-construction spray Wilson provided by Eco-friendly Pest Control Wilson helps to keep all those pesky and harmful creatures at bay. It is also preferred to invest a small amount and prevent a problem rather than pay a heavy amount for the after damage repair. Our services are pet and children friendly and do not have any ill effects on the environment.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment  Wilson

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Wilson

Termidor Treatment  Wilson

Termidor Treatment Wilson

Termidor Treatment Wilson

The other name for termites is white ants. Having these termites removes by one self can be a very challenging task. It is always better to seek professional guidance for issues like these. If this issue is not addressed and treated at the right time, one can lose their favourite piece of valuable or belonging to these maniacs. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, one should opt for Termidor Pest Control Wilson. Our treatments are non-toxic and do not have any harmful chemical contents and are very safe to use. The Termidor treatment provided by us can be availed at discounted rates and we offer same day services as well.

Wood Borer Treatment Wilson

Borers are nothing but beetles which are small in size. There are various types of wood borers found in households and office locations. Typically, these small beetles infest on items and things that are made of wood. Often, furnishings, wooden beams, floorings, windows and doors fall prey to these nasty insects. Small and tiny holes can be observed in presence of these pests. Many people end up getting products that are available at the super market to eliminate the problem of wood borers. But these products fail to provide a solution that can be reliable for a long period of time. These solutions are very temporary. They are not only expensive but also act as a health hazard to the person applying it and also to the pets in your surroundings. With Eco-Friendly Pest Control’s Wood Borer Pest Control Wilson one can expect a Wood Borer pest control Wilson which are impactful as well as economical. These treatments are absolutely environment friendly and have no threat to life.

Borer Control  Wilson

Borer Control Wilson

Possum Catcher  Wilson

Possum Catcher Wilson

Possum Removal Wilson

Possums are small creatures that get attracted to food. The usually enter as house where they sense the presence of food. They eat the food and contaminate it. The invasion of possums can be very annoying and troublesome. Once spotted at your premises, possums need to be caught and relocated to a far off location. We, at Eco-friendly Pest control Wilson offer possum Pest control as well as relocating possum Wilson. Our treatments include water-based products and do not harm anyone. The products used are non-harmful and at the same time very effective and affordable.

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Tips to prevent pests

  • The garbage needs to be disposed on daily basis in a bag which is tightly sealed and has a closed lid.
  • All eatables should be stored in dry and close containers. Otherwise it would attract pests.
  • The house and office should be kept clean along with basement and roof top.
  • Areas that can be a potential hide out to these pests should be reduced or removed.
  • Any open moist places, wall cracks , vents and foundations should be filled and sealed immediately before any pests reside in them and infest in them.
  • Any unattended place, food or water should be removed immediately.
  • The plants should be trimmed on regular intervals
  • The gardens and lawns should be moved on regular basis.
  • Avoid keeping the house and office premises messy and unhygienic.
  • The trees and bushes in your surrounding should be kept away from the building.
  • Food packages should be inspected for dried worms and insects to avoid infestations.
  • The dirty dishes in the kitchen sink should not be kept unattended and must be washed as soon as possible.
  • The house and office establishments should be vacuumed on daily basis to remove, pests and pest eggs.
  • Citronella candles are an effective way to prevent mosquitoes when outdoors.
  • Scrap wood should be removed from your location as beetles and termites dwell on wood
  • Any leaking pipes, faucets and appliances should be fixed immediately. Stagnant and unattended water can attract different types of insects.
  • Houses need to be clutter free and check for pests should be done on regular basis.
  • Your pets needs to be checked thoroughly for ticks and fleas.
Pest Control Wilson

Pest Control Service


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