Pest Control Wattleup

Pest Control Wattleup

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Wattleup is a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Cockburn. Since 2001, it has been part of the Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Project, which has meant the demolition of most of the houses in the area for future industry. Wattleup had many market gardens in the past. They provided agricultural produce for the town of Fremantle.

Pest control Wattleup

Evolution of pest and we humans

For generations, man has been battling against insects and pests as threats, disease-bearers, who are destroying everything possible that comes into their way. Earlier pests used to be limited to the agriculture sector but now due to human expansion they have gained pace to their growth. The war between we humans and pest is never going to end because, as a matter of fact, we have never ever successfully eradicated even a single species of pests. Rather, we are coming forward to know that there are so many of them and we humans haven't identified till date and are causing destruction by mankind. Some of the most significant species are now exhibiting growing tolerance to insecticides/pesticides and older ways of preventing them. As a consequence, we humans have been trying to study the pest behaviour and coming up with new combating techniques in order to eradicate this pest problem.

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How do these Pest transmit?

Although pest bites or stings can occasionally cause severe health related issues which can be fatal to humans and animals too. The saliva that is present with these pests are full of contaminated bodies, reason behind such diseases. With the research advancement we have identified that the pests transmit in two major ways, the same has been discussed;

1. Passive or Mechanical transmission

Such type of transmission takes place when one pest transfers the virus or bacteria from one place to another into the human habitation. It will be easier to understand this way, one fly pest who roams around here and there, on various surfaces, can carry diseases full of bacterial from one place to another. Secondly, cockroach pests, who are generally seen in the sewer or over the liquid excrement, can carry many diseases as well to the house and cause health issues.

2. Biological Transmission

This is a kind of transmission where the pests directly feed on humans or animals and inject diseases or parasites by having them as hosts. Here, let’s take bed bug pest or tick pest who feeds on the skin and the blood of their host. While doing so they inject these dangerous parasites in our body directly and you get sick at times or even worse. So, this one of the major problem that pests can cause. The most important thing that should be taken into consideration is that a pest cannot transmit disease unless they have already bitten a diseases host.

Best Pest Control  Wattleup

Best Pest Control Wattleup

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Why are we the most unique and best option one should opt for?

It is the natural tendency of human beings that they run after something which is unique yet more effective in nature. We, Eco Friendly Pest Control Services, can fulfil both of these criteria’s and guarantee the most effective techniques and options to our customers. In order to attain this, we have many policies and features that one may not get anywhere else in Wattleup, for removal of pests.

1. Pre- Inspection Activity

The most important part before we start the actual pest control process is the pre inspection activity. This stage or segment starts once we receive a complaint from our customer. Our team will visit your place and try to find out that what the real problem is. Because, pest control activities can only be effective if one knows that what exactly they are treating. After identifying the specific pest present at your place our team will suggest you all the possible techniques that will help to eradicate pest problem.

2. Personal and Home Remedies

We are not the company who will bluff its customers and do whatever possible to mint money. Rather, we have manuals which are designed by a team of experts and individuals in order to help people who cannot opt for pest control process due to financial restraints. These manuals or guidelines will have all the personal and homely remedies can one can perform against specific types of pest to eradicate pests completely from their place or house.

3. Post Pest Control Services

All the pest control companies other than ours present in Wattleup are only in touch with the customers until pest control process in completed and their job ends there. But, this is not the case with us, we will provide you services that are unique in itself and bond deeper customer relationships. With respect to this we provide the post pest control services, this comes into action when the pest removal process is completed. It’s more like an inspection that is done after the pest process, this all is inclusive of the cost that is paid for the pest control process.

4. Unmatchable Discounts and Offers

The most eye catchy thing one sees for any service or good is the discount or any exciting offers attached to them with the cost.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

5. Same-Day Services

The most important thing in pest control process, being spontaneous and ready to act for anything at any time. We extend our services not only to the general working hours but to the 24 hr long service. All our customers need to do is make a call and then be assured about instant relief that we strive to deliver for pest removal.

6. Money Back Guarantee

What we as a pest control company think is that hoe is it justified if the customer is not satisfied yet, he is paying the money. We have the aim of outmost satisfaction that can be provided to our customers. This can only be done is our services are effective as well as efficient in the long run. Many times it may happen that some damage has been caused to your personal belonging during the course of pest control process, we take the whole responsibility of such events and insure the same. In short, if our work is not up to the mark or it doesn’t last for long then we are liable to pay back your money.

Pest Control Specialist

Pest Control Specialist

Eco Friendly Pest Control Wattleup

We have seen that the customers want best for whatever they are choosing. Here, Eco Friendly Pest Control Service we try to retain that deliver the best. What we have understood is that a professional company should demonstrate the practical knowledge or aspects to the customers. All this should include the practical idea about the wide variety of pests, who do they react to certain pest treatments, where do they reside generally, what re the types of activities that may be used for their appropriate control and how are they dangerous to human race.

Additionally, customers and their surroundings consists of many things and not just them. They have infants, children, elderly people, pregnant women, any of these categories may get exposed to such hazardous situation caused by pests. We keep in mind all of these categories and external factors as well while doing the pest control process. Our professionals have the practical knowledge about the pest removal and we demonstrate the practical assistance from side with respect to pest problem. These days’ pests not only attack outdoor premises but attack human directly and transmit dangerous diseases to the pets and children too. When such situation arises we come into picture, the professional pest controllers, as we can handle all the pest problems with ease and give you the best result as soon as you appoint us. We are available for pest control Wattleup, just a call away.

Personal Tips

As we mentioned above that we have the service of providing the manuals and guides related to the personal tips and solutions that can be performed at home itself by our customers. Few of such preventive measures are discussed here;

1. Don’t let the kitchen to be messed up for overnight

Many of the pest problems start from this area of a household. As mentioned above in the services we offer, pests such as cockroach pests, rat pests and fly pests can start their growth from the kitchen. Reason behind the same is that it is bit easier for them to feed themselves there because eatables are generally kept in the kitchen only. What you should do is clean the sink before closing up the kitchen so that they don’t get the chance to feed on left overs. And, one can keep all the open food or fruits inside plastic containers in the night at least. Moreover, if you have any spill issues within the kitchen or on the floor present there then clear it immediately as it may invite additional pests such as ant pests. And, we are always open to help you.

2. Proper sanitization of the pets, if you have any

There are so many issues to pets too these days as the expansion of pests is not only limited to humans now, but to all the things attached to their environment or habitat. Pests such as tick pests and flea pests feed on pets because they have fur over their skin and they can easily disguise into the same. What one can do as a home remedy against this problem is to keep the standards of cleanliness amongst the pets a bit more organised. One can do the cleaning more often and take the pets to more of veterinary trips. This help in maintain proper sanitization not only to the pets but to the humans living with them in the same house.

3. Close all the possible entry points around the house

This is an undisputed fact that we can stop pests from entering our place completely. But, this doesn’t mean that we cannot do anything about it. We can definitely do the observation part at home, this may include to see that from where these pests get entry into the premises and how are they expanding. After this is done one can use various pest controlling products that are available in the market and use pest sprays to eradicate pests up to some extent.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

Our services

We, Eco Friendly Pest Control Services Company, try to deliver just not the services but the professional solution that one may seek in order to pest removal from experts. We specialize in the pest treatment for over 10 years now and during this course of our services we have identified many new type of pest that are present around us.

While keeping all this in mind we try to give a practical knowledge to the people who are facing pest problems and looking for the best solution against them. We have broadly categorised our services into 27 categories;


Our expert uses the most effective strategy and tools for pest removal and treatment benefits across Wattleup on the same day. The services we offer include.

Ant Control  Wattleup

Ant Control Wattleup

Ant Pest control Wattleup

As mentioned, we only use eco-friendly products hence, there will be no harm to your body or the things present at your premises. Ants pests are deemed to be common if they are found in the house or elsewhere for that matter, but some of us don't realize that these pets leave tracks behind for other ants to track, so that is a never-ending operation. If reached, whichever type they might be – brown ants, black ants or house ants, we can never stop their entry until a suitable plan or an exhaustive procedure is utilized to eliminate the ant pest. When our customers have this pest issue and are searching for the right anti-pest management, we at Eco Friendly Pest Control will provide you with the best ant treatment Wattleup care service against the ant pest present at their house. After you have made use of our products and services, you should not be worried about the cost because that is secondary to us and delivering best experience being primary against the ant pest problem.

Bed Bug Pest Control Wattleup

There are several species of bedbugs known to bite man. Most of these are associated with bats or are found in nests of birds. Discovering bed bug at your place can be a problem because after doing their work in the night they tend to hide at the same place. hiding places for bed bugs will include behind wallpaper and wall decorations, in upholstered furniture, and in cracks and crevices of walls and window mouldings. Control of bed bug pests can generally be obtained by confining treatment to the sleeping places of the home. We would suggest, Steam cleaning of infested mattresses can effectively kill bed bugs. If this doesn’t work out, you don’t need to worry as we have our service as bed bug pest treatment Wattleup as we specialize in providing bed bug treatment with the techniques such as bed bug fumigation and bed bud spray.

Bed Bug Control  Wattleup

Bed Bug Control Wattleup

Bee Control  Wattleup

Bee Control Wattleup

Bee Pest Control Wattleup

It has been a known fact that adult bees and wasps are nectar feeders. These pests are generally considered to be highly beneficial, although bees can be nuisances around buildings because they fodder for food among flowers and around outdoor dining areas. Bee pest occasionally occur indoors. In order to solve this problem of bees we have the service of bee pest control Wattleup. Bees are most notorious and feared because they defend themselves with a painful, venomous sting. The sting usually produces an intense local reaction accompanied by varying amounts of swelling. The first stage is, bee nest removal or bee hive removal. Control of bees is directed at the bee nest and to this our team is equipped with protective clothing such as heavy coveralls, gloves, boots and veiled headwear to avoid getting stung.

Birds Pest Control Wattleup

Birds pest can consume large quantities of grain and other items, and they may also contaminate stored food with faeces and feathers. The most important way to prevent bird damage is to exclude them for storage areas. Areas where birds are most apt to be a problem are warehouses with large doors kept open. In order to fight against this, we have introduced Bird Proofing Wattleup which is inclusive of techniques such as putting wire barrier that can keep birds away from landing over ledges and installing spikes over the roof and ledges as they won’t be able to sit and create nuisance. Trapping, repelling or poisoning pest birds requires considerable experience and expertise so whenever bird pest problem is calling you, try to call us and we will be at your doorstep within no time.

Birds Control  Wattleup

Birds Control Wattleup

Bird Mite Control  Wattleup

Bird Mite Control Wattleup

Bird Mite Pest Control Wattleup

The most important thing for the bird mites is to stay close or on the bird which is their host in order to survive. Because of this they can be found within the bird nests that are present in and around the house. Bird mite are most commonly found in homes and the commercial buildings. Mites that pest birds are generally pigeons and sparrows as these birds find their way to reside within the premises of a house or a building. To solve this problem of our customers we have bird lice treatment Wattleup as this will take care of the bird nests and the bird mite pest attached to it.

Cockroach Pest control Wattleup

In order to get Cockroach pest treatment Wattleup sanitation is the key to control. Cockroach pest treatment is required from professionals like us because these pests are generally hidden within wall cracks, cupboards and false ceiling. Many times tools such as cockroach pest sprays and cockroach pest control are beneficial where the infestation is not much.

Cockroach Control  Wattleup

Cockroach Control Wattleup

Fleas Control  Wattleup

Fleas Control Wattleup

Fleas control Wattleup

There are many different species of fleas pest that attack both animals and people. Cat and dog fleas are two common fleas found in and around homes. They attack either dogs or cats, and they both will help fleas to bite humans. Some species of fleas are important disease vectors, but possibly the worst effect experienced by humans is the irritation and occasional infections that result from scratching the bites of fleas. Before starting our process of flea spray Wattleup, the first step in flea pest control is to destroy or thoroughly wash the bedding of pets. Remove animal manure and debris from pens and yards. We suggest our customers to opt for regular grooming sessions of pets as it is very critical in order to get rid of flea pests. We have a range of flea control products that are pet friendly and can be used on regular basis to counter this problem.

Flies Pest Control Wattleup

Garbage cans and dumpsters are probably the single most important source of domestic fly pest production. Tight-fitting lids may be of some value. Also, twice a week garbage collection and a thorough cleaning of the cans/dumpsters are very helpful. The use of insecticides is only secondary to sanitation and other 23 practices in fly control. Habitats where flies breed cannot effectively be reached or penetrated by insecticides. With respect to the queries and complaints that we have been receiving and observing, Fly spray Wattleup is one of the service that we have introduced with the team of professionals with all the required technological infrastructure and knowledge.

Flies Control  Wattleup

Flies Control Wattleup

End of Lease Flea Control  Wattleup

End of Lease Flea Control Wattleup

End of Lease Flea Pest Control Wattleup

Here, the problem is sometimes related to the host based pests which move with the pets or the belongings, specific to the people who live on lease. In order to counter this, we provide services that covers the Vacate Pest Control Wattleup also. We provide a wholesome treatment to this as it can be a grave problem for the new family entering the house. Tenants having pets and compromising to cleanliness often don’t look to the problems of pests and to make the house ready for other tenant people choose our services.

Moth Pest Control Wattleup

Moth pest are widespread in grocery stores, warehouses, and kitchens. Moth also infests shelled or ear corn, broken grains, dried fruit, seeds, peas, beans, crackers, biscuits, nuts, powdered milk, chocolate, candy, red peppers, dry dog food, and other commodities. Moth Control Wattleup is important to get rid of moths with the specialized support that we provide. Moths are considered to be a big cause for spreading diseases and allergies to your house. We supply you with qualified specialists who are extremely competent in their job such that you do not suffer from any moth infestation.

Moth Control  Wattleup

Moth Control Wattleup

Mosquitoes Control  Wattleup

Mosquitoes Control Wattleup

Mosquitoes Pest Control Wattleup

Mosquitoes are blood-feeding pests of people and animals. Mosquito control requires area-wide management of breeding sites and is usually the responsibility of public health agencies and mosquito control districts but if that’s not functional we have got you. Control of mosquitoes in and around buildings depends on sanitation to eliminate breeding sites and exclusion to keep mosquitoes out of buildings. In order to cope with such pest problems, we provide service of Mosquitoes Spray Wattleup.

Rat Pest Control Wattleup

Rat is a small, slender rodent that is well adapted to living in people’s homes, farms and commercial establishments, as well as in open fields and agriculture lands It has been noticed from time immemorial that rat problem has been a big issue. Rat Pest control Wattleup has been one of the service that our company provides. Rat pest can cause a tremendous amount of damage to foodstuffs and structures, particularly wall and attic insulation, electrical wiring and other building components. House rats generally contaminate food with their hair, urine and droppings. Rats can live off a few crumbs or scraps and, therefore, cannot be controlled by good sanitation practices alone, and we require professional support henceforth. Moreover, we have extended our services from removing rats in roof to dead rats in roof too.

Rat Pest Control  Wattleup

Rat Pest Control Wattleup

Rodent Treatment  Wattleup

Rodent Treatment Wattleup

Rodent Treatment Wattleup

Often ignored, rodent-proof construction is the best defence for preventing problems with rodent pests. Rodent Pest Control Service Wattleup is the most popular pest service that we provide. Our service against this pest lies from rodent control directives to rodent removal techniques. Recently, we have extended our services to dead rodent removal and providing products such as rodent removal and rodent repellent.

Mouse Pest Control Wattleup

The three essential steps for effectively controlling house mice are, applying sanitation practices and habitat modification, rodent-proof construction and population reduction. The queries which we receive to this common type of pests ranges from requirements of best pest control company for mice, pest control to get rid of mice, getting rid of small mice, getting rid of mice naturally and eradicating mice at home. Seeing all these problems reported from our customers we have started the service of Mouse Pest Control Wattleup. Modifying mouse habitat around the home may also help in controlling their numbers and access into the home. Regular removal of debris and control of weeds around homes will reduce shelter and ultimately term to mice removal.

Mouse Control  Wattleup

Mouse Control Wattleup

Spider Control  Wattleup

Spider Control Wattleup

Spider Control Wattleup

Although spiders are greatly feared by man, only a few species are dangerous. Most species are beneficial, feeding on insects and other arthropods. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that spiders mean dual support is needed. Most species hide in cracks, in darkened areas or in silken retreats they have constructed. Indoor control of poisonous spiders may involve nothing more than vacuuming up the spiders, their webs and egg sacs. Space treatment sprays are useful for clean outs and for eliminating outdoor species found indoors. Many home remedies that can save you from spider bites Wattleup can be, putting all the clothes and valuables in sealed boxes and continuous check on all the window edges and doors shall be done. Spider spray Wattleup from our side is provided by a team of professionals that may help you with the inspection followed by a deep root pest control process.

Silverfish Pest control Wattleup

Silverfish Care Wattleup is perhaps one of the most commonly known problem now that needs professional help. These pests may go unnoticed until populations get large or damage becomes severe. Control may be difficult because it is hard to locate the infestation sources. Moisture attracts Silverfish pests, so it is important to repair leaking pipes and drains and insulate water pipes to prevent water condensation. Wherever possible, eliminate sources of food; store flour, cereals and similar items in tightly sealed containers. They're generally not harmful to humans but they definitely dangerous to your house and other property. We at Eco Friendly Pest Control Company provide you with the finest available pest management so that you can get rid of the silverfish treatment Wattleup from your property. You can contact us at any time for our services, and we can also offer services on the same day of booking, so that you require them.

Silverfish Control  Wattleup

Silverfish Control Wattleup

Termite Control  Wattleup

Termite Control Wattleup

Termite Treatment Wattleup

We specialize in the segments of termite control and termite removal by applying professional barriers to their entry. We provide a manual which gives information related to how to kill termites, how to get rid of termites and what is the best termite treatment. If you are worried about the wooden spaces that you have at your place and are attacked by termite pests, then we have the service of Termite treatment Wattleup for you as the best termite treatment.

White Ant Treatment Wattleup

Treatment of baseboards, door mouldings and other cracks along the length of the wall from which ants are seen entering with residual sprays may be helpful in control for all ants. White Ant have the potential to make vast colonies. At our place White Ant Control Wattleup, we have understood that these ants become pests by foraging inside for food. It is important to find their nest and to treat it heavily with residual sprays or dusts. If dusts are blown into the nest with force, they will generally be distributed throughout the nest.

White Ant Control  Wattleup

White Ant Control Wattleup

Ticks Control  Wattleup

Ticks Control Wattleup

Ticks Pest control Wattleup

Control measures against ticks depend upon the species of tick, the location of the infestation and the kinds of hosts involved. Ticks are a very irritating insect that is often considered to be stuck to the skin of the animals. You can vail our service with Ticks spray Wattleup to get rid of it. For control of the dog tick, it is important that the dog be treated at the same time as the premises by a veterinarian or the owner. Infested bedding should be washed or disposed of that belongs to the dog. If you find any ticks on your pet, continue care immediately with tick pest care treatment available with us.

Wasp Nest Remvoal Wattleup

Because wasps are beneficial, they should be removed rather than destroyed, if they are accessible. Our company provides protective clothing, as recommended for bee control, sit is worn to avoid getting stung. This equipment should be secured so the wasps cannot slip underneath. If possible, it is advisable to spray nests of wasps at night when the entire colony of wasp is in or on the nest. The team of professionals that we have do this wasp removal Wattleup during night time because there is not a lot of movement at that time. In this process of nest building all the wasps follow one and then they start a whole colony there.

Wasp Nest Remvoal  Wattleup

Wasp Nest Remvoal Wattleup

Commercial  Wattleup

Commercial Wattleup

Commercial Pest control Wattleup

As mentioned above we have a team who specializes in all sorts of pest control activities that may be required at commercial sites. These days’ pests are not only limited to homes and personal spaces these days. Pests have been extending their territorial limits and can be seen in the commercial sector also these days. We have extended our services also and now Commercial Pest Control Companies Wattleup is a practice that we do. As this is a specific area where different kind of expertise is required, we have a team of professionals that can help you out.

Termite Inspection Wattleup

Control of termites depends on preventing infestation, protecting wood and selectively using insecticides when necessary. We use Strong vacuums to remove eggs and larvae so that the problem ends from the roots. But, you have to follow one thing at personal level, you must reach out for the best white ant inspection Wattleup as soon as you find one

Termite Inspection  Wattleup

Termite Inspection Wattleup

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection  Wattleup

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Wattleup

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Wattleup

When people are looking forward to buy a new house that was owned by someone else previously then they try to make sure that the house where they and their family is going to reside is pest free. The most visible pest that are present is within the wood or the ceiling and roofs made up of wood. To get rid of this timber related issues we have the service of Prepurchase Timber Pest Inspection Wattleup. If you have us, then you don’t need to worry before making such decisions we have got you and the problems related to the dream house you are planning to buy.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Wattleup

It is a genuine possibility that while one is constructing house, pest problem, termite to be specific may occur. With realising that there is a possibility of pests at your locality you can opt for the Pre Construction Spray Wattleup. No one would want something like pests to intrude their family space and the house. With this service we can assure you with the guarantee that you won’t take or face pest problems in your newly constructed house. We do all of this after following the exercise of inspection by the experts and then deciding what all products and services are likely to be applicable at your place.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment  Wattleup

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Wattleup

Termidor Treatment  Wattleup

Termidor Treatment Wattleup

Termidor Treatment Wattleup

This is a lesser known fact that termites can sense few chemicals and stay away from them, they cannot detect termidor so it’s an effective strategy or product to get them in contact. If you are looking for Termidor Pest Control Wattleup then we have the best services for you as the most crucial advantage that we give you is that our treatment doesn’t repel termites. We generally, put it over the wooden infrastructure or the soil so that they can consume it and we can have protection against termite pest.

Wood Borer Treatment Wattleup

This treatment shall be done in order to create a barrier against termites or active termites as a prevention for their entry into the household and protection of the people residing. Wood Borer are generally found within the wooden items or things made of timber. In order to remove borer infestation, we provide the service of Wood Borer Pest Control Wattleup. Pests can never leave a place easily and that calls for professional help as we have the unique techniques that will give you guaranteed results.

Borer Control  Wattleup

Borer Control Wattleup

Possum Catcher  Wattleup

Possum Catcher Wattleup

Possum Removal Wattleup

The most prime problem that can be caused by possum is the disease that they carry with them and may spread all over the house. If we see the positive side, then the possums are excellent to be present at your property because they tend to eat away all the garbage and other harmful insects. Every solution to end some pest or to make certain barriers doesn’t have to be narrowed down to killing and that’s why we have the policy of relocation possum Wattleup. With the team of professionals, we try to identify the places where they reside and catch them followed by putting them back to the wild.

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