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Pest Control Ferndale

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Pests are unwanted guests who reside at your property. They not only cause damage to your property but also create an unhygienic and unhealthy environment for a living. It is a necessity for every property owner to look up to the matter of pests as they can spread and cause severe damage in no time. Appropriate measures at the appropriate time is a must in such situations. Many people believe in using home remedies for these issues, but these remedies only give temporary results and it’s important that permanent solutions must be opted for eradicating these creatures. The most useful and effective method for getting rid of these pests is hiring pest control services. There are various misconceptions about pest services, one of them is that pest control services have toxic chemicals which causes damage to your property and this is not necessary for your property. But this isn’t true, pest control services use nontoxic chemicals which do not cause any harm to your property and it is a very important measure to be taken to get rid of pests and insects.

Ferndale is a southeastern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Its local government area is the City of Canning. It is approximately 15 kilometres (9 mi) from Perth's central business district

If you are in search for the best pest control and removal service near you, we are the best company for your solutions. Ecofriendly pest control services have the whole package for you. If you are having trouble due to any kind of pests or insects, we are here for you! We have the best professionals, tools and techniques who provide you with the right solution for your problem and help you have a pest free life. Our services range from house inspections, fumigation services and insect sprays as well. We have the right deal you are looking for to help with your problem.

With the numerous pest control services available, it’s an obvious question that why do you have to choose us. Ecofriendly pest control service is the best pest control and removal service available to the Ferndale customers. Our services have the best house exterminators in Ferndale and has the best service reviews. We provide same day services, where our team reaches to you within two hours of your booking. We also use tools and techniques which are child and pet friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment. Our wide and complete range of pest control services are available to home spaces as well as commercial properties and this service is provided with affordable prices. For us the most important thing that matters is customer’s satisfaction and trust, for gaining this we at Ecofriendly pest control services mainly aim two aspects first being providing result-oriented services with the best possible solution which are environmentally friendly and second providing a pest and insect free lives to our customers. Our team is always available, at all times and at all locations of Ferndale, you can reach us through call or via email and we shall guarantee to fade away all your problem.

We also have our own specialists who deal with all kinds of pests and insects. We take all the measures which are required during, after and before providing our services to ensure safety. We do not believe in giving temporary results and we value every investment our customers have made on us and therefore provide with permanent, effective solutions and treatment.

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Prices and Packages available at Ecofriendly pest control services

We believe in providing affordable rates for our services. Apart from this we provide with various discounts and offers during various festive seasons giving cheap pest control services for our customers. These offers and discounts do not change the quality of the service provided by us, we always provide promising result-oriented services which has allowed us to gain the trust of our customers. For more details about our pricing system, please contact us through call or via email. Apart from the offers and discounts we also provide packages based on the nature of the property. These packages include

Residential pest control services Ferndale

Residential properties face lot of problems due to pests and insects. Every household takes all the measures to prevent these little creatures which ruin their day to day schedules. Along with destroying the beautiful furniture you own; it also causes a lot of health problems to your family. Our pest control service is here for solving all your problems. We deal with all kind of pests and insects with the best team of professionals, tools and techniques.

Commercial pest control service Ferndale

Commercial properties have a large number of people working or visiting on daily basis. Apart from this due to the large area of the property, it is impossible to keep a check on every nook and corner of the property making it easy for these creatures to spread around the property. It also becomes the responsibility of the space owner to make sure that no harm is cause to the people working and visiting due to the unhealthy environment cause by pests. Commercial properties such as hospitals, colleges, school have to be hygienic due to the population in these properties. Ecofriendly pest service provides with this package where we provide with an effective treatment to get rid of pests and insects in your commercial property.

University Pest control Ferndale

This package provided by Ecofriendly pest control services includes residential and commercial properties. Let it be any kind of space, we provide you with best and effective solutions for eradicating.

Best Pest Control  Ferndale

Best Pest Control Ferndale

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Benefits of hiring us

Ecofriendly pest service provides best quality of services for pest control and pest removal. Since the past few years, pest control has become a necessity for almost all properties as homemade remedies are not effective and give temporary results. Our team has the best professionals as well as the best tools and techniques which provide positive and effective results. Pest control is something which should be done immediately and any delay can cause further damage and discomfort, keeping this in mind our team provides with same day services where our team reaches to your location within two hours of your appointment booking. Environmentally friendly pest control is something everyone would prefer using, our tools and techniques are environment friendly, do not harm your family, pets and your property. Your safety is our priority! This team, from Ecofriendly pest control, deals with any and all kinds of pests and insects and our service is available at all the location in Ferndale.

Even though pest control is suggested by everyone and is considered as a necessity, many people have this question whether such hiring for pest control service is worth it? The answer to this is yes! You cannot escape from the problems faced due to these pests and insects. Even though taking up various step to control, remove and prevent these creatures, there is no stop to the problems caused by them. From all the ways, one way to end this is by hiring pest control and removal service. We at Ecofriendly pest control services have the best set of professionals who have knowledge about various kinds of pest services and also give out effective solution with the tools and techniques used. We are the best option for you if you are searching for services who care for you and provide result oriented and effective treatment.

Additionally, we also provide cost effective service at Ferndale. Our service aims at customer satisfaction and their trust. We keep this as our main priority and the services provided by us aim at gaining this. We provide the best quality services and also keep in mind the time, and money invested in us by our customer and provide best and effective results.

Pest Control  Ferndale

Pest Control Service

Our team maintains total transparency by providing the information on the treatment being used and also provide with an approximate of the costs for our services. As we provide our fullest, we conduct pre-treatment and post-treatment services which helps in giving effective solutions and avoid any future problems due to the pests.

Pest Control Specialist

Pest Control Specialist

Post-treatment inspection

Subsequent to the treatment, our professionals conduct an inspection to avoid any further problems due to the pest. Any area left out during this process can lead to the spread of pests and again leading to the same problem. We ensure effective and permanent results, to fulfil this we take the appropriate and needed measures.

We also provide various tips to our customers to avoid pests after the competition of our services

  • The surroundings of the property and the property itself should be kept clean.
  • Boxes containing food should not be left open
  • Trash should be removed from the property from time to time
  • Wooden furniture should be cleaned regularly
  • Any stain marks on the property should be washed immediately.
  • Dishes should be washed daily, ignorance of the same can attract pests and insects
  • Use of insect nets at all opening at your property shall help in avoiding insects.
  • Cracks or any tiny openings on walls or floors should be sealed as these are potential areas for pests and insects to hide.

Various advantages of hiring Ecofriendly pest control services.

  • Our services provide effective solutions to get rid of pests and these solutions do not harm your furniture, family and the environment.
  • We have a team of professionals who have knowledge about various kinds of insects and pests and have enough experience in this field.
  • Our services are available at all location in Ferndale.
  • We use the best tools and techniques which are required for pest control and removal.

When our customer hires us, we follow steps

Pest Inspection

It is important that before starting any service there is a proper inspection of the property to identify the severity and the right amount of treatment required for the pest removal process. This process this necessary to identify the areas where the damage has started. After the inspection is completed, our professionals suggest the right treatment for the eradication process.

Treatment and Extermination

The second step we follow is the treatment. With the suggestion made during the inspection process, our team give effective and positive results. The tools and techniques we use for our treatment is not harmful to your property, family and the environment. We ensure to keep your safety as our priority. As a precautionary measure, we do not allow children, elders and pests in the property during this treatment. Our services first eradicate the origin of the spread of any pest which gives out fast results.

Pest Control  Ferndale


Our expert uses the most effective strategy and tools for pest removal and treatment benefits across Ferndale on the same day. The services we offer include.

Ant Control  Ferndale

Ant Control Ferndale

Ant Pest control Ferndale

Ants are a global problem at all properties. Be it any season, these are always ready at your door step to create problems. These creatures are very tiny and are found in large number which creates a problem for us to remove them without any professional help. These insects generally appear from small cracks or tiny holes in the wall. Due to its size, these can reach out to any nook and corner of the property. You may never be able to find just one ant, if you find a trace of an ant it is obvious that there are many more. They generally spoil food items and fit into any rack in your property. These ants also bite humans leading to itching on that part of our body. Our Ant treatment Ferndale provides with the best solution to safeguard your favorite food items from these small creatures.

Bed Bug Pest Control Ferndale

These bugs could be one of the most dangerous and harmful pests for human beings. They are tiny and blood sucky creatures which can hide at any corner for your house. They are generally found in bed holes, mattresses and in any holes at your property. The first sign that there are bed bugs at your property is bite marks on your hand, back, neck. It is very important to get rid of these pests before it causes any more harm to you and your family. No one can stay peacefully at the property once you identify the existence of beg bugs. Contact our service immediately, our bed bugs treatment Ferndale team will reach your property on the same day and provide with effective treatment to eradicate bed bugs.

Bed Bug Control  Ferndale

Bed Bug Control Ferndale

Bee Control  Ferndale

Bee Control Ferndale

Bee Pest Control Ferndale

Bee stings are very painful, and these creatures cause a lot of problems when they are around and they create a fear of pain in the minds of people. Apart from the task of removing these hives is a difficult one as it is also important that there is no harm caused to the people living in the surroundings of these hives. Bee hives are generally formed in the same place again and again. It is also important to take measures so that there is no reformation of hives at your property. Our bee nest removal Ferndale service keeps all these aspects in mind and gives the best result without harming anyone and takes all the measures to avoid any further disturbance due to bees.

Birds Pest Control Ferndale

There are various kinds of birds, and the opinion on these birds vary from one person to another. Some people might like the presences of birds in their property and some do not. It is true that the excretions and the mess caused by these birds creates a lot of problems for people. These birds occupy places which creates disturbance in the day to day lives of humans. We at ecofriendly pest control service give the best bird proofing Ferndale team which provides with accurate and effective measures and techniques to bird proof your property and also take measures to avoid any future encounters.

Birds Control  Ferndale

Birds Control Ferndale

Bird Mite Control  Ferndale

Bird Mite Control Ferndale

Bird Mite Pest Control Ferndale

Bird mites are pests which feed on birds. But these pests are not something to ignore as they also cause problems to humans. Majority of population wouldn’t be aware of such pest which roams around in the open spaces of your property. These pests generally move from various bird nests to open spaces such as terrace of your property. We have the best bird lice treatment Ferndale services, which identifies the location of these pests and help in the eradication of these bird mites at your property. Contact us for availing our services.

Cockroach Pest control Ferndale

Cockroaches are the most hated and disturbing creatures. It causes a lot of problems as it makes your property unhygienic and an unhealthy environment. They are generally found in the corners of any room and also contaminate your food. There are various sprays and medicines available for eradication of these cockroaches, but none of these give long term solution or permanent solution for eradicating. The best method of getting rid of this is by hiring our service, our cockroach treatment Ferndale gives the best and permanent eradication method for the problem you face. It also takes measures to avoid any future disturbances caused by this insect.

Cockroach Control  Ferndale

Cockroach Control Ferndale

Fleas Control  Ferndale

Fleas Control Ferndale

Fleas control Ferndale

Fleas cannot be removed without any professional help, though there are various home remedies for eradicating them, none of these remedies give a proper long-term solution. An exterminator is a must for the process of eradication of fleas. These pests do not harm us directly, but cause number of problems to our pets. This pest bites animals and cause various skin damages and problems to your pet. Our service provides you with flea spray Ferndale team which has appropriate measures to solve this problem and does not cause any harm to your pet.

Flies Pest Control Ferndale

Flies create a lot of nuisance and irritation. But unfortunately, this is one the most found insect in every residential and commercial property. They also carry a lot of diseases with them giving a high chance of health problem during its existence. These insects are generally found in the service area and the garden of your property. It is important for every household to take all the measures to avoid such disturbance. One of the main measures to be taken is the use of pest control services for the eradication process. Without any further delay, contact us and our Fly spray Ferndale service will be at your doorstep in no time.

Flies Control  Ferndale

Flies Control Ferndale

End of Lease Flea Control  Ferndale

End of Lease Flea Control Ferndale

End of Lease Flea Pest Control Ferndale

We also provide you with our End of lease flea pest control services which basically includes inspection of our property during the end of your lease if you own any pets. It is to make sure that there is no existence of any pest before handing the property to your owner or the tenant. Our professionals at vacate pest control Ferndale team takes all the necessary measures required and lessens the burden on you during this process.

Moth Pest Control Ferndale

Moths are creatures which destroy your favorite belongings. They spread and multiply in no time which leads to a lot of damage to your property. It is very important to take the right step at the right time to avoid the problems caused by such pests. Our moth control Ferndale services use water based and glue trap techniques which do not cause any harm to your property and gives effective results.

Moth Control  Ferndale

Moth Control Ferndale

Mosquitoes Control  Ferndale

Mosquitoes Control Ferndale

Mosquitoes Pest Control Ferndale

Mosquitoes create a lot of problems for human beings and they are high potentials for causing many diseases. They bite humans which causes itching. They generally generate from water storages which have been left open for a long period of time and are also found in gardens. We at ecofriendly pest control services, provide with our mosquitoes spray Ferndale team which uses water-based spray for getting rid of this insect without harming your property.

Rat Pest Control Ferndale

Rats are the most unhygienic creatures which makes its surroundings a mess and unhealthy for a living. With the use of rat traps and rat poisons, many people avoid the use of pest control services. But these methods do not give you permanent results as these creatures keep coming to the same spot. The use of pest control services gives you proper results without damaging your property. Our rat removal Ferndale has one of the best techniques to make your property rat free.

Rat Pest Control  Ferndale

Rat Pest Control Ferndale

Rodent Treatment  Ferndale

Rodent Treatment Ferndale

Rodent Treatment Ferndale

These pests are known to be one of the most damage causing pests. They cause severe damage to wires, clothes and also food items. They are likely to spread diseases as well which makes your property unhealthy environment for a living. It is necessary that proper treatment is done at the earliest to avoid any type of future damage. Our rodent treatment Ferndale services provides you with the best possible results and prevention from any future damages.

Mouse Pest Control Ferndale

Like rats, mice also create a lot of disturbance at your property and create an unhygienic environment. They are considered to spread fatal diseases as well. But this can be rectified by taking the appropriate measure at the right time. We at ecofriendly pest control services provide you with the best mice removal Ferndale teams which helps in the removal of these creatures by not causing any harm to them as well as your property.

Mouse Control  Ferndale

Mouse Control Ferndale

Spider Control  Ferndale

Spider Control Ferndale

Spider Control Ferndale

Spiders are creatures which do not cause any harm to humans as they feed on various other insets. But they produce webs which are harmful for humans. These webs are generally associated to unhygienic, unhealthy and shady places. Every residential and commercial property owner would like to view their property as clean welcoming area rather than unhygienic. This pest is easily one of the most common insects found in Australia and there are various kinds of spiders which are found in households. Many people take all the required measures to keep their property clean but still fail to protect their property from spiders. Our pest control service provides with spider spray Ferndale team who have the best solutions for the removal of spiders from your property.

Silverfish Pest control Ferndale

Silverfish are pests which hide in dark spaces and damage your books, clothes and other items. These do not cause any harm to humans, but damage your property. It is important to get rid of these pests before it causes any other damage. We at ecofriendly pest services provide you with the effective and positive results through our specialized techniques and tools. Our silverfish treatment Ferndale team provides you with immediate relief from this problem and take all the necessary steps to avoid any further problems due to Silverfish.

Silverfish Control  Ferndale

Silverfish Control Ferndale

Termite Control  Ferndale

Termite Control Ferndale

Termite Treatment Ferndale

Termites are the most dangerous pests which cause a lot of damage to your wooden properties. This pest hides inside your wooden property and also eats the furniture from inside. During this process termites produce nitrogen. It is difficult to eradicate termites as they are not generally visible, the only way to identify the presence of termites is through extraction of wooden power near your wooden item which shows that the termites have been eating up your furniture from inside. Our termite control Ferndale team has the best way to identify these termites and also gives effective results to get rid of them.

White Ant Treatment Ferndale

White ants are also called as termites. This little creature can cause a lot of chaos in your homes and office areas. They do not harm us but eat up your wooden furniture and items. Our white ant control Ferndale team has the most effective methods to eradicate these tiny creatures and also takes all the measures to prevent your property from these white ants

White Ant Control  Ferndale

White Ant Control Ferndale

Ticks Control  Ferndale

Ticks Control Ferndale

Ticks Pest control Ferndale

Pets are considered to be the most favorite for humans, moreover dogs are said to be human’s best friend. Ticks are dangerous for our pets but do not cause any harm to humans. These pests stick to the hair of the pets and cause a lot of skin problem. These are generally noticed during pet grooming. It consumes a lot of time to remove these pests as they are stuck to hair and during this process, your pet has to go through a lot of pain. Our ticks spray Ferndale team has the best and the easiest effective method for the removal of these pests. This method is a smooth process and does not cause any harm to your pet.

Wasp Nest Remvoal Ferndale

Wasps are harmful for humans as they cause a lot of skin problems. They create their nests in moist areas and spread in no time. It is necessary to remove these nests as soon as possible. Apart from removing these nets, it is important that these nests are not formed again. Our wasp nest removal Ferndale team gives measures for avoiding any such future formation as well as effective treatment for the removal of wasps and its nests from your property.

Wasp Nest Remvoal  Ferndale

Wasp Nest Remvoal Ferndale

Commercial  Ferndale

Commercial Ferndale

Commercial Pest control Ferndale

We also bring forth our services to commercial properties such as hospitals, clubs, colleges, shopping malls and many more. We hold license to render our services to these properties. Commercial properties have a lot of people who visit and work and there are many areas which are left without maintenance. These are the areas through which pests form their kingdom. We are just one call away to provide our services with no compromise in the quality of the service and provide better results that other commercial pest control companies Ferndale.

Termite Inspection Ferndale

Before giving our termite treatment. Our set of professionals inspect your property to identify the areas which have been affected due to termites and also provide with various suggestions with regards to the method, tools and techniques to be used for the treatment in your property. Our professionals in white ant inspection Ferndale team hand over a report of the property to our customers, which clearly explains the problematic areas and the method of treatment being used.

Termite Inspection  Ferndale

Termite Inspection Ferndale

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection  Ferndale

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Ferndale

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Ferndale

Wooden products or properties are very expensive. Before investing such a huge amount on these items and properties, there is a need to check whether there are no damages due to pests such as termites or white ants. The main aim of such inspections is to avoid any such future problems or risk which can be caused by termites. Ecofriendly pest control service provides you with a pre purchase timber pest inspection Ferndale, this team inspects and gives a report about the condition of the item or property with various preventive measures and if required the methods to be used for the eradication process of termites.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Ferndale

Before constructing any property, it is important to check whether the products being used are not damaged. The base of every property is made of wood, and it important that before any construction all the needed precautions are taken for preventing termites to avoid any future damage. We provide you with the best pre construction spray Ferndale team which inspects your wooden purchases and also takes measures for avoidance of any further damage due to termites.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment  Ferndale

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Ferndale

Termidor Treatment  Ferndale

Termidor Treatment Ferndale

Termidor Treatment Ferndale

The Termidor treatment provided by our service is to eradicate termites or white ants at your property. This is the best method and the most suitable method for eradication of termite. Our Termidor pest control Ferndale team has given positive outcomes with the usage of our methods in eradicating termites from your property.

Wood Borer Treatment Ferndale

Every house has various wooden furniture and decorating items which gives a different look to each property. As much as we love our wooden items, wood borer also loves them equally. This pest eats your wooden belongings and causes damages in no time. The maintenance of this a task for the property owners. Our professionals at wood borer pest control Ferndale has the best techniques to get rid of this pest and take measures to avoid any further damage to your wooden belongings.

Borer Control  Ferndale

Borer Control Ferndale

Possum Catcher  Ferndale

Possum Catcher Ferndale

Possum Removal Ferndale

Possum is one of the most commonly found creature in Australia. They are generally found on your roofs or empty spaces at your property. The process for removing possum is time taking and also is one of the most difficult tasks for a pest removal service. Ecofriendly pest control service provides a team for relocating possum Ferndale which has a smooth way of relocating possum without damaging your property. This team generally relocates the possum to a place far away from your property.

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Pest control services for residential properties Ferndale

Every residential property faces problems due to pests and insects. They also attempt to take all kinds of remedies to keep their houses neat and clean so that there is no chance of pests. But to avoid these pests and insects keeping the house neat and clean is not the only requirement. The use of house pest control services is highly necessary and the same is also recommended by many. Many are with this understanding that the methods and techniques used by pest control services are the same as home remedies and conclude that there is no need for pest services at their property. But this is not true, our pest control and removal services provide you with an effective and satisfactory results and also use tools and techniques which do not cause any harm to your property and are also pet and child friendly.

We at Ecofriendly pest services provide you with the whole package of best solutions for getting rid of pets at your property. Our team deals with all types of pests and are also proud to inform you that our tools and techniques do not cause any harm to the environment. We believe in providing result-oriented services and our main priority is to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers. So why wait, contact us and we are here for you!

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