Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

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Why Choose EcoFriendly Pest Control?

  • Ownership stays with the family.
  • An increasing number of satisfied customers across all of Ballajura and continuous upgrades in technology speak for us.
  • For us, our skills and professionalism are our assets. We never compromise on that, NEVER!
  • The genuine fee charged.
  • Our experience for 20+ years makes us polished experts in the field.
  • Expertise in the removal of all kinds of pests, including crawlers, fliers, and rodents.
  • Prompt Response: We don’t just hold the expertise in our work and are known for our quick response. You call us to book an appointment, and we will be there promptly on the same day without any fail.
  • Your peace, Our mission: your peace of mind is our sole mission. We understand how pathetic it can be to see the crawling or flying pests in your place. This ruins your peace of mind as all you are concerned about is your and your family’s health and well being. We strive our best to give you a complete pest-free experience.
Ballajura is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, in the City of Swan local government area. Ballajura is located 14 km north of the Perth CBD. The postcode for the suburb is 6066.

Pest management Ballajura

Pests, inevitable, and an annoying sight to stand at any place, especially when it comes to your residence, gets on your nerves! The everlasting irritation these tiny creatures cause may lead to a wrecked life. To give you a pest-free experience, people at Eco-Friendly Pest Control are on their toes to assist you. The zero error pest management services by professionals is your one-stop solution for all the prime pests bothering you.

booking a session with us is just a call away for effective natural pest control. If you need House pest control, we are your trusted choice. Our services are child and pet-friendly pest control so that you can rest assured that there will be no side effects on your family after our natural pest control.

All around Ballajura and its environs, the efficacy and impactfulness of EcoFriendly Pest Control are unparalleled.

Experts of the experts in Ballajura

Pests cause a big question mark on the residents’ safety in the area, especially children and the elderly. EcoFriendly Pest Control objects at providing avant-garde pest control and management services to help you lead a healthy and safe lifestyle. Our experts assist you in the entire Ballajura region, with an immediate response. We always aim at doing environmental pest control to make your house (and life!) pest-free.

We don’t just help you get rid of the pests superficially but also check the future invasions by uprooting the entire army of pests, which provides future immunity and security. An in-depth investigation followed by identifying the pest infestation’s proper source is our ultimate objective to avoid any trouble in the future. To reach out to our impeccable services, give a phone call on 0490086478. Your search for “Pest control near me” ends here with us.

Get a Quick Estimate for Ballajura Pest Control

Have a look at the reasons below:

  • Easy detection of hideouts.
  • With the advanced technology in hand, experts can do the job in a far better way.
  • Professionals possess the needed instruments and chemicals to eradicate the infestation.
  • As mentioned, the expert’s knowledge and experience can’t be matched with any homely pest removal experimenting.

With time, EcoFriendly Pest Control has made many apparent advancements in the field and has successfully become the best in the business.

Are WE Worth Your Time?

A straight answer to that is YES!! Using simple traditional techniques to eliminate hazardous pests is almost impossible, especially uprooting them from their roots. Narrowing down to find their hideouts and their source of invasion is not an easy job. It requires expert assistance and guidance. Also, only eliminating the pests isn't the needful as the pests may easily find their way back to your homes.

Hence, professional assistance given helps in the Pest fumigation and elimination for once and for all. The professional expertise provided in pest management in an eco-friendly manner is unparalleled. No home remedy can do a job to the same level. One might not be aware but pests too have a pattern. Each pest has a different pattern. Hence to understand their pattern, their source, their hideouts, their reasons for habitat in your place, etc. To analyze all these, one needs to have the guidance and an eagle eye of a House exterminator. They will not just help you get rid of the problem but its root cause as well!!

Best Pest Control Ballajura

Best Pest Control Ballajura

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Facilities and services at your place in Ballajura

To eradicate these pests and provide you your peace of mind, our experts and professionals also offer you house exterminator services that can be availed at any place in the Ballajura region. We strive to provide you the relief and healthy and hygienic surroundings for you and your family to live in with our enviro pest control. These services are available in all the regions of the Ballajura region, including urban and country. Prompt responsiveness is a highlight feature of our company. You just need to reach out to us through a phone call and let us know about the types of pests you face issues with.

Awards And Appreciation

EcoFriendly Pest Control, with its hard work and dedication, has engraved a reliable name in the field throughout Ballajura. The methods used for pest management are harmless to humans and their pets. Our pest removal techniques are dangerous only to pests, and thus, we aim to facilitate a safe environment for the children and pets. It's taken care of right from the beginning of our work. With ensured safety to humans and other beings, our work and workers are entirely trustworthy when it comes to providing you a pest-free environment in an eco-friendly manner. You also get to enjoy a great experience at an inexpensive and genuine rate. We offer pet-friendly pest control, so be rest assured about your home’s pests when we work towards creating a pest-free environment for you.

Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Specialist

Ballajura`s Premier Pest management Specialists

With the name and reputation we possess in Ballajura, we must provide services done by an exterminator who is skilled, well equipped and knowledgeable to deal with all types of pest infestation they come through and give the best commercial and residential pest management services in all of Ballajura. The methods we use and work efficiency we provide are impressive enough for you to assert that you have the ultimate pest management near you. Our pest management services at reasonable prices, satisfy our customers. They hold a firm belief in us.

What makes us different and specialists?

If you critically think about staggering popularity in the field of pest elimination expertise crosses your mind, then here is what you need to know about the shape of our dedicated employees and the highly skilled professionals we have. They hold expertise in controlling all types of pests, such as crawlers, flyers, and seasonal ones. Our ultimate objective is to facilitate all of Ballajura fit for children and pets with the best of pest management and control. Instant services are available at 0490086478. For cheap pest control, contact us immediately as we have lucrative discounts for early bookers.

Procedure to make your premises pest-free?

An area full of pests is not just disgusting to look at, but also negatively impacts your health and lifestyle. They not only turn you and your family down but also puts their health at risk. A single tiny pest holds the ability to make a fully grown individual sick for days. Innocent pets in your house may ingest them, leading to horrifying consequences. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, etc. can be the prime causes of diseases like malaria, dengue, cholera, etc. The food contaminated by them may lead to multiple health hazards. Insect spraying service followed by us is safe and does not have any side-effects.

As mentioned earlier, different pests have different patterns that they follow. They, in a way, can remember the place they last made their homes in and can come back soon. Hence it is very crucial to have a technical and professional approach towards pest control and management. If you are looking for pet-safe pest control, then contact us without a second thought.

However, you can bank upon us. With all the required knowledge and skills in our hands, our professionals and experts can gladly assist you in getting rid of the pests in many ways:

  1. Providing proper solutions against pest invasion issues at your doorstep in Ballajura.
  2. Upgraded techniques to eradicate the swarm.
  3. Methods that are safe for you and dangerous only for the pests.
  4. Our team strives to help you embrace a quality and a healthy lifestyle that comes with the peace of mind found due to removal of pests.

The procedure Followed?

We are widely known to follow procedures that hold professional and technical approaches. We aim at not just eradication but also uprooting the root cause of the problem. Our work begins with scrutinizing and analyzing the situation properly to narrow down the cause and effects. Here is our team of experts works:

Pest inspection:

Our team of experts and professionals analyze the premises to identify its source and its extent. The location of the infestation is narrowed down using professional techniques. This is followed by the elimination of the problem using suitable methods. EcoFriendly Pest Control is the best service provider in Ballajura because of professionalism.

Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Treatment and Extermination:

After a severe inspection is done, the pests and their hideouts are attacked with the prescribed chemicals professionally and skilled. With the correct knowledge of hideouts, the area and its nearby region are properly treated and proper decontamination is done using eco-friendly methods and procedures.

Post-inspection on revisits:

Our job doesn’t end at treating. Instead, After treating the detected area and eradicating the pests, our professionals schedule a revisit to the site soon to ensure the area is still clean and free from infestations. Client satisfaction has been paramount for us. Hence we make sure that the eradicated outbreak doesn't come back. Therefore we are the best pest control and management people in Ballajura.


Our specialist, local pest control team, delivers the best building and pest inspection services across Ballajura on the same day. Our cheap, yet effective services include:

Ant Control Ballajura

Ant Control Ballajura

Ant Pest control Ballajura

Swarms of ants invading your place of living can be something creepy and gross to look at. The irritating tiny pests can get on your nerves with all the havoc created in your homes. EcoFriendly Pest Control provides you with the best Ant Treatment Ballajura. We help you remove the ants promptly and ensure that they don't come again to ruin your mental peace. Our team of highly skilled professionals can help you get rid of the ants from the root cause.

Bed Bug Pest Control Ballajura

Sleep is a basic necessity for healthy human survival. And if it gets disrupted to these minute creatures, it doesn't feel right! Due to their tiny size, they quickly hide anywhere in mattresses and come out to create menace during sleep hours. They don't just affect your properties but also ruin your health, both mental and physical. EcoFriendly Pest Control `s Bed Bug Treatment Ballajura helps you to kill them. These blood-sucking tiny bugs need to be eliminated from the house and live using eco-friendly methods to keep you safe and sound. With the bed bugs eradicated from every bit and corner, we promise you a precious sound sleep!

Bed Bug Control Ballajura

Bed Bug Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Bee Control Ballajura

Bee Pest Control Ballajura

Bees are not just annoying because of the sounds they make but are also risky for the people around, especially the kids. Their sting can cause multiple health problems. Our team at EcoFriendly Pest Control provides Bee nest removal Ballajura at your doorstep at any time. Our experienced and skilled professionals are well equipped to get you rid of these maniacs.

Birds Pest Control Ballajura

Bird nests are houses of dirt and insects. The bird poop is also known to contain bacteria that are harmful to health. A pigeon’s poop, for instance, can lead to breathing-related problems if exposed for an extended period. Also, the nests make any sight unattractive and filthy. We provide Bird proofing Ballajura to help you shoo away the birds that may cause you severe health hazards. Bird proofing ensures that no birdhouses in your house and every possible health hazard related to birds stay aloof.

Pest Control Ballajura

Birds Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Bird Mite Control Ballajura

Bird Mite Pest Control Ballajura

These are the suckers of bird blood. These tiny things are filthy and hence must be eliminated as soon as possible. Their single bite may cause irritation and redness in the skin. We have the best Bird Lice Treatment Ballajura to help get rid of the bird mite problem.

Cockroach Pest control Ballajura

Cockroaches are not just gross but the house of diseases. Only their presence has adverse effects on the health of you and your family. They are known to live on the filth around. They are the carriers of several disease-carrying organisms. Hence, food contaminated by them can cause severe sickness. Therefore their elimination is essential in a professional and skilled manner so that they never come back. Call us for Cockroach Treatment Ballajura and avail an amazing discount.

Pest Control Ballajura

Cockroach Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Fleas Control Ballajura

Fleas control Ballajura

Fleas being parasitic, cause serious skin infections to your pets. Who likes to see their pets in trouble! Thus, one needs to be very careful when it comes to fleas control. Fleas, being invisible to the human eye, can be a severe problem if not tackled at the right time. Thus, call the experts at Eco-Friendly Pest Control for effective Flea Spray Ballajura. Make use of pet-friendly pest control. Book your pest control service at 0490086478 seamlessly.

Flies Pest Control Ballajura

Flies can effectively cause infectious diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc since they possess all the pathogens and disease-causing bacterias. They are the prominent carriers of various disease-carrying organisms. Flies themselves are home to various health-hazardous microorganisms. To check their arrival on your premises, we provide the fly spray Ballajura. The spray is health-friendly and also eco-friendly.

Pest Control Ballajura

Flies Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

End of Lease Flea Control Ballajura

End of Lease Flea Pest Control Ballajura

If the lease of your property is to end and you are soon to evacuate the place then we highly recommend this service. Services at the end duration assure giving back the property to the owner in perfect condition. The sentiments of your owner attached to their property should be taken care of.

Our professionals equip themselves efficiently with their best technology to provide you the services. Our genuine charges make us more desirable and attractive for Vacate Pest Control Ballajura.

Moth Pest Control Ballajura

These not so dangerous looking pests are equally hazardous to human health. Therefore, we at EcoFriendly Pest Control provide moth Control Ballajura to rid you of these filthy pests instantly, only never to come back! Getting rid of moths is not as easy as you might be thinking. We have devised some unique techniques to help you control the moth infestation at your home. Call us at 0490086478 to book your appointment right away.

Pest Control Ballajura

Moth Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Mosquitoes Control Ballajura

Mosquitoes Pest Control Ballajura

Mosquitoes, the proclaimed most irritating pests of all. It’s not just their painful thing that bothers but the diseases they spread through it. One mosquito bite may cause skin problems like redness, itching, and even fatal health issues. Female mosquito bite may cause malaria of any type (of the three) and can also be fatal. Hence, to save you and your kids from such dreadful scenarios, our team of professionals aims to eliminate the root cause of the problem. To safeguard the environment, you live in, we provide Mosquito spray Ballajura.

Rat Pest Control Ballajura

Rats are the reason for many harmful diseases caused by humans. Also, their high reproductive rate can be a significant concern if they are residing in your homes! It's alarming!

Rats, gross and irritating pests! They don't just cause damage to your properties but also create health hazards. They are the primary carrier of plagues and other deadly diseases. Hence, our skilled team at EcoFriendly Pest Control helps you eliminate rats and the problems associated with providing you a healthier place to live in. Unclean places are generally full of rats, so we try to clean the whole premises properly. Call us for Rat Removal Ballajura right away!

Pest Control Ballajura

Rat Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Rodent Treatment Ballajura

Rodent Treatment Ballajura

Rodents belong to the family of mice and rats and are known to spread serious illness due to the capability to contaminate food. These also cause structural damages in your home and commercial buildings. There also have been cases where rodents have attacked small kids and pets. Thus, one needs to be very cautious when rodents infest your home. Call us for effective rodent pest control Ballajura. Get In touch with EcoFriendly pest control for all your rodent requirements. Make the call now at 0490086478.

Mouse Pest Control Ballajura

Mice make your homes, the den of disease-prone areas. They are a severe threat to the health of your family, including pets. They carry numerous health affecting diseases and also proliferate in number. Thus, our skilled team at EcoFriendly Pest Control provides Mice Removal Ballajura that eradicates these gross and annoying creatures from your place forever!

Pest Control Ballajura

Mouse Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Spider Control Ballajura

Spider Control Ballajura

Spider webs have always been a sign of depression and blues. They are not just horrifying to look at but also ruin the beauty of your property. They also invite other pests to their presence hence if you notice any spiders hanging on your walls please reach out to us and help us help you eradicate the problem. With the use of our efficient Spider spray Ballajura, we will remove all the spiders from your premises making your house clean and pretty again. Not just that but we also make sure that they don’t come back again.

Silverfish Pest control Ballajura

These tiny looking creatures can create havoc as big as possible. They do not directly attack your health or your pet’s health but can cause a great deal of damage to your properties. Our professional team is efficient enough to help you deal with this situation in an eco-friendly manner by providing Silverfish treatment Ballajura.

Pest Control Ballajura

Silverfish Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Termite Control Ballajura

Termite Treatment Ballajura

These Wood eating pests can damage your properties like tables, chairs, cupboards, and other furniture by making them hollow from inside. Degrade the wood quality by making them hollow from inside. They leave a trail of dust on their way while eating the wood they survive on. They are known to produce nitrogen when they eat hence they can cause some health issues too. We provide the Termite control Ballajura to check the termite invasion at your place. Our speedy assistance is available at any time.

White Ant Treatment Ballajura

Termites are also called as white cants. They cause damage to your properties by degrading their quality since they feed on them. They do not take long to cause damage hence a quick solution should be done. We at EcoFriendly Pest Control provide you with the best White ant control Ballajura to deal with these tiny creatures. And yes, to avail of our discounts, reach out to us, today!

Pest Control Ballajura

White Ant Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Ticks Control Ballajura

Ticks Pest control Ballajura

Ticks are not easy to trace since their hideout is animal fur. They cause significant damage to the health of your pet babies. If severe action is not taken, they can cause some serious damage to your pets’ health .iTo avoid any tick infestation, the animals in your house must be cleaned and bathed properly to keep such pests at bay. If any traces of these creepy pests are found, please call out to us for immediate help. Our team with EcoFriendly Pest Control will provide you with the best Tick spray Ballajura to eradicate the infestation.

Wasp Nest Remvoal Ballajura

These golden looking pests are harmful to humans as they may cause severe irritation and redness and swell in your skin with just their single bite. They are the Everest threat to kids as they tend to reside near a place that is moist hence the playground is someplace they can surely be at. Wasp infestation removal is important but more important is to tackle the situation that EcoFriendly Pest Control provides. Wasp removal Ballajura tackles the situation with all the promptness and skills needed.

Pest Control Ballajura

Wasp Nest Remvoal Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Commercial Ballajura

Commercial Pest control Ballajura

Our slots are filled with highly efficient and skilled personnel. They strive their best to make themselves available to serve you at any time and any commercial sites in Ballajura also. Each member in our team is professionally trained and holds the needful qualification to do the job.

We provide our services at almost all commercial locations like offices, banks, showrooms, schools, etc.

EcoFriendly Pest Control is one of the best ways to deal with pest issues. Our team is best known for their skilled services it provides and the decorum they maintain. We are the leading Commercial Pest Control Companies Ballajura.

Termite Inspection Ballajura

These pests attack a d damage your wooden properties making them hollow within no time Termites being supremely small are hard to find and eradicate. Still, our team of experts gives their best to provide you the best. EcoFriendly Pest Control offers facilities for white ant inspection Ballajura to exterminate these pests.

Pest Control Ballajura

Termite Inspection Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Ballajura

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Ballajura

Our professionals’ team skillfully come and look at your site analytically to find the root cause of the problem. And this is done free of cost. Once the hideouts and the causes are found out, further inspection and treatment begin. Get our Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Ballajura and get started with your construction work without any stress of termites.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Ballajura

Imagine you plan to build on your property. Would it not be nice to get a check of the property done to scrutinize any pests which may otherwise damage your property later. EcoFriendly Pest Control offers Pre-construction spray Ballajura helps you to chase away the termites from the site.

Pest Control Ballajura

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Termidor Treatment Ballajura

Termidor Treatment Ballajura

EcoFriendly Pest Control facilitates Termidor pest management Ballajura to fight the pests and their invasion. The professional treatment by the team can be used to exterminate these pests. Eco-friendly Termidor Pest Control Ballajura is something worth giving a shot.

Wood Borer Treatment Ballajura

These pests don't harm humans directly but cause great damage to the wooden belongings and properties. Our experienced skilled professionals provide their valuable assistance to help you get rid of these irritating creatures. EcoFriendly Pest Control offers wood Wood Border Pest Control Ballajura to get rid of these wood borers giving you a healthier and happier life. We can also help you increase your property’s life by tackling any type of pest situation in your place.

Pest Control Ballajura

Borer Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Possum Catcher Ballajura

Possum Removal Ballajura

Possums are very hard to eliminate, especially if you are going for domestic homely remedies. Possums can create havoc with just their presence itself. The team of experts and professionals we provide can easily help you tackle this situation in an eco-friendly manner. We offer relocation of possums so that they never come back. We assure you of foolproof methods to tackle Relocating Possum Ballajura.

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Pest management services for your home in Ballajura

A home is where your peace of mind is! Don't let that peace of mind get ruined by the pests. Protect the people you love from getting attacked by these hazardous pests with the help of our effective and affordable pest control services. Domestic remedies do not promise complete elimination of the pests. Also with the home remedies, one can’t be sure of the pests not coming back to their premises. EcoFriendly Pest Control assures the avant-garde quality of work with prompt results that last long. Our professionals are laden with high-end equipment and technologies to deal with all sorts of pest infestations.

Ballajura`s pest management packages

Residential Pest management

Pests at home can be a nightmare for you as they ruin your life and your peace of mind. They are not just chaotic but problematic in a way that may cause severe health hazards without everyone knowing about it. Fret not, because our EcoFriendly Pest Control `s residential pest management packages are available for you to avail at affordable prices to remove all kinds of pests from your house.

Commercial pest management

Your workplace needs to be an epitome of a place you worship. Hence pests in your workplace are a big problem, not just it creates a hard impression of you in front of your employees/ customers but also puts their health at risk. Hence their eradication to provide you a clean workplace should be done if the first Universe has a wide variety of packages for you to choose from for all commercial places such as schools, shops, etc.

Universal pest management

If you own a workplace and a place you live in, then this is the package we would recommend you. Under this package, your home and your workplace are both taken care of to make the place clean and pest free. The package is effective, both in terms of money and services provided.

Pest management services in eastern suburbs

EcoFriendly Pest Control is the best in its business because it provides services catered by professionals who are especially trained and educated for the task. They hold expertise in doing their task efficiently and promptly. Our results come instantly but are known to last long.

Our professionals are experts in dealing with all kinds of pests like crawlers, insects, flies, etc. We are renowned for the effectiveness we provide. We do not just aim at eradicating but uprooting the pests for them to never come back. To get an experience of our high-quality services to book us today itself! We are just a call away!

Pest management services in western suburbs

We are glad to announce that we are equally available in western suburbs too just as we are in the rest of the Ballajura. To spare you from the trouble of follow up calls, waiting, etc, we provide our services right on the day of booking. Ours is a team of skilled personnel and experts. The equipment we use is laden with the latest and advanced technologies. We strive each day to improve ourselves and our methods in terms of technologies and techniques. We always believe in improvement and betterment. Our team of experts puts their best foot forward to give you the quality of work you deserve.

Easy ways to get rid of pests

You encounter any pests, face it but don’t ignore it. Your ignorance may cause trouble to the level you can’t imagine.We provide you all the possible methods you can use to eradicate the pests in your place.Our ultimate objective is to provide a hassle and tension free life to the citizens of Ballajura by providing them a place that is free from all types of pests. Because we know the trouble caused by the pests is not just physical but mental too. It takes a toll on your health and mental well being. EcoFriendly Pest Control saves you from all this trouble by giving you the best pest management services ever.

Pest Control Ballajura

Pest Control Ballajura

Affordable pest management services

We aim at providing the best services at affordable prices. We offer the best pest management services to our customers. With high quality and efficient work provided, we also provide you rates that you would fall for! We don't intend to burn a hole in your pocket. Rather we aim at giving you the best pest management services at rates that are affordable by all!! Please call us to get yourself surprised by the costs we offer our services at!!

Pest prevention tips

  • Thorough and regular cleaning of your living space.
  • Uncovered food invites pests. Store them sealed or covered.
  • Fusing cleaned and sanitized dishes.
  • Cleaning and treating every area and corner of the furniture.
  • Proper disposal of dump.
  • Pets cleaned at regular interval invite hygienic place.
  • Do not leave burrows or holes anywhere. Analyses, and locate for them and fill them to avoid invasion.
  • Long grass invites pests. Keep mowing it at the regular period to keep it short and neat.
  • Keep changing dustbin bags daily.
  • The dishes need to be cleaned as soon as you are done eating to keep the place healthy and hygienic.
  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect to make your place hygienic.

Contact today with Ballajura Pest Management Experts

If you’re facing pest infestation issues you can seek professional help to save yourself from the horrible consequences. You should contact EcoFriendly Pest Control Ballajura right away for the effective and best solutions you deserve. If you are looking for Pet safe pest control and child-safe pest control then we have the best solutions for you.

Our efficiency is our asset hence we do not do anything against it. We have a team of skilled people who are licensed to do the job. We give the best results in a very short period. To understand the quality of services we provide, you can book an appointment with us and we will leave no stone unturned to leave you impressed. To reach out to us, you can either call us or store it to us through an online form.

Frequently asked questions:

Can pest spray be used in the kitchen to remove the pests?

The products we use at EcoFriendly Pest Control are truly harmless to humans and pests. But still, to avoid any mishappenings, we would recommend you to be cautious while using the product.

Can bed bugs reside only in beds?

No, Bed Bugs can easily reside IN other places that might be similar to a bed. Places like couches, cushions, pillows, etc are also comfortable habitats for bed bugs.

Is there any problem if I touch the wet areas after spray?

The products that we use are eco friendly and cause no harm to humans or pets. Even if you touch a wet spray area, it can be easily washed off from your hand.

Is there any effective and cheap method to get rid of mice quickly without any trouble?

Yes. To get rid of mice quickly, the cheapest way is to set a trap. Although one must be critical while judging the location of the trap.


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