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We offer you our premium bedbug control services to help you handle your bedbug infestation service. We will impress you with our commitment and dedication to the eradication of the bedbug infestation that is plaguing you. We have been treating bedbug issues for years. We have experienced, professional staff that can handle any bedbug issue you have. We have worked in various situations over the years and we want to use our wealth of experience to handle your work. We do not employ a hasty approach that won’t give you long-term benefits.

We will work on long-term measures that will ensure that your bedbug issues will have a very low chance of troubling you in the future. We have worked with thousands of clients over the years and we have satisfied them with our services.

Bedbugs are small brown colored insects that are about 0.5 cm long without wings. They have a flat oval-shaped body and six legs. Thus, they can hide in holes and cracks easily. After feeding on blood, their color changes from brown to red.

Bedbugs rest in the day and are active at night. They love dark environments and they shelter around the home or business area. They usually hide in mattresses, beddings and the closures within beddings. They hide under wallpapers and in the holes of wood floors.

Almost any household can be susceptible to bedbug attacks. If you call us, we will carry out a comprehensive inspection and do all we can to eradicate the bedbugs that are disturbing you.

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Health issues that bedbugs could cause

Effect of Bedbug on the skin: Bedbugs sometimes produce small spots on the skin. They produce wheals and strong itching that may last for some days.

Psychological effect of bedbugs: Bedbugs can affect inhabitants of a house psychologically. In severe cases, bedbugs cause stress, insomnia and anxiety. Sometimes there could even be a delusional parasitosis whereby a person becomes obsessed with bedbugs.

Psychological effect of bedbugs: Bedbugs can affect inhabitants of a house psychologically. In severe cases, bedbugs cause stress, insomnia and anxiety. Sometimes there could even be a delusional parasitosis whereby a person becomes obsessed with bedbugs.

Other effects: Bedbug remove a little blood when they bite a person so there might be anemia. There could also be a bacterial skin infection when the skin breakdown if it is scratched repetitively. Asthama can be triggered due to a lot of bites from bedbugs.

Bedbug Symptoms

Most times, homeowners are unaware of bedbug infestations as they bite when people are sleeping or resting. There might be red itchy bites on the skin. These bites are usually on the arms and the shoulders. There might also be a straight row of bite marks. The bite marks can cause a lot of severe itching that could make some people harm their skin when they scratch the itches repeatedly. The bites may also cause some allergic reactions.

Common species of bedbugs

The most common bedbug species are:

  • Batbugs
  • Cimex adjunctus
  • Cimex pipistrelle
  • Cimex lectularius
  • Cimex pilosellus

What can I do personally in the face of a bedbug infestation?

Sometimes, people attempt to control a bedbug infestation themselves, but they usually end up unsuccessful. The pesticide solutions sold are not usually effective at controlling bedbug colonies. They are not specialized or specially formulated to the specific kind of insect that you want to eradicate. It is best you leave a bedbug infestation for a professional to handle. Our team of experienced professionals will search for bedbug trails in your home. We will locate and eradicate the entire bedbug colony. We might also need to use pesticides in the interior of your home.

What we will do to eradicate bedbugs in your home

Inspection: we will carry out an inspection and make known our findings in a report.

Dusting: We might apply dust to your subfloor, roof void and wall cavity.

Surface spray: We might apply a special surface spray that was specially created for the control of bedbugs.

Areas we will focus on

We will focus on the following areas during the process of eradicating bedbugs in your environment.

Indoor: Kitchens, exterior doors, plumbing penetrations, garage, window areas, crevices and cracks.

Outdoor: We will identify the areas that are infested and we will use a spraying perimeter treatment so there won’t be any further infestations.

What you must know

1. It is very easy to get a Pest Control License and start a pest control business. This is one reason why there are so many newbies without adequate knowledge and experience that are in the business. Take your time to select the best professionals in the business.

2. Be wary of cheap pesticides. Many of the cheap pesticides will be harmful to those that suffer from bronchial ailments like asthma.

3. When you use our services, you can be assured that you are dealing with the best. We don’t compromise on our standards and we take our job very seriously.

How Much You Should Expect to Pay for the Bedbug treatment?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you explain what bedbugs are?

Bedbugs are light-brown, flat, oval-shaped insects that can’t fly. They are about 0.5 cm in length.

Q. Why are bedbugs hard to detect?

They have a flat body and they can squeeze into small crevices and cracks easily. This makes them hard to detect and eradicate.

Q. Are bedbugs harmful?

Yes, they are. They are parasites that live on the blood that they suck out of other organisms for development and nutrition. Their bites cause small swollen welts on the skin that may become inflamed and cause itching. But they do not transmit any disease. They could get out of hand and become very difficult to eradicate from a home. This is where professionals like us come in.

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